Gosees are semi-unstructured shoots where I photograph, style and direct my vision of the model. There is no fee, charge, payment or expense for a gosee. I only do gosees with agency represented models. Models receive images. Time commitment for a gosee can range from a couple of hours in a studio, to a day of photo walk-abouts with several looks and locations. Some pre-planning/coordination for model's wardrobe. Sometimes a makeup artist will come to do a basic look at the beginning, or a stylist to pull some wardrobe ahead to play around with. Depending on if it's necessary for the vision of the shoot, who is available and what days I have a studio space to use or a location in mind. 
Models under 18: Gosees with models under 18 years of age are coordinated with your agency. I do not shoot nude or semi-nude imagery with models under 18 years old. 
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